Air Duct Cleaning and Disinfecting Reviews

I’ve been a General Contractor pro on 30 years, solitary item to became transparent to me through the many renovations I’ve complete is was how muddy air ducts are. For illustration, we would be removing cabinets in a kitchen change, the vent under the sink would be disgusting. It’s pardon? Prompted me to check into the tube cleaning establishment in Billings, MT. We researched to make out pardon? Was outmoded present and open an Oregon company called RamAir. I visited with the possessor and inventor Dave many epoch to urge as much in turn as I may perhaps. I was aware of the obstacle the brush systems had with getting deep into the orderliness with all the 90-degree turns and screws all 3 to 4 feet. Plus the detail so many systems at present are using the flexible ductwork to can be damaged with a brush orderliness. With the RamAir System having the power to urge deep into an air tube with imperfect spell and effort and would not at all wound contract tube, it made it an relaxed advertise pro me, and so we happening Comet.

One of the paramount jobs we did was pro a sportscaster from a tube station now in Billings. The paramount item outmoded of his way out what time he answered the gate was “I think this is a overall bare of spell and money, but if you can make happy my wife, please get here in” I deliberation, well this ought to be remarkable LOL. Once we got array up and were lay out to commence, I asked him if he would like to get here and make out pardon? We are getting outmoded of his ducts. He was sitting next to the dining span register working on his laptop, so he called pro his wife and was rank subsequently to me. I told Trei, my grandson, who had been working with me years working his way through college, “OK, let’s urge happening.” Trei crooked on the pressure, entered the tube, and instantly, the debris-filled the transparent ground to covers the vent and from present sucked into the vacuum. They were shocked to make out all the dust and rubble get here outmoded. With RamAir, you can make out with your own eyes using the transparent doom orderliness. Dave was significant me how this is a real WOW FACTOR, and was he constantly redress. Their native soil was pristine, and what time she saying this, she almost became under the weather, I had to settle her explaining how this is the muddy little secret protracted in all native soil, especially the big homes. Oh, and, by the way, he became a believer.

Participating in four years, pardon? We produce seen impending outmoded of these fervor and cooling systems has been amazing. For illustration, we produce found mice, feces, muddy diapers, lizards, frozen birds, uncluttered cans of half-eaten sardines and salmon, horrified sandwiches, jewelry, money, exactly to point out a only some. And if to doesn’t ember attraction and having yours cleaned, the dust to collects on your window seals, picture frames, tube, tables, and all right, your kitchen countertops are made mostly from DEAD HUMAN SKIN CELLS. Imagine, your home is overflowing with previous bits of by hand along with one and all also who has lived in your native soil. Collecting in your orderliness and is recycled all spell it turns on. Participating in solitary day, you shed more than 8 pounds of frozen skin, and this frozen skin is pardon? Feeds trillions of dust mites. Disgusting to think of all the year’s introduce somebody to an area produce been breathing the air impending from these vents. If introduce somebody to an area just knew.

A only some years back, Dave Hart from RamAir came up with a up-to-the-minute invention, the SaniJet Disinfecting System. We quickly added this bring out to our predetermine. Participating in the bygone, all we had to spend to sanitize air vent systems were the fogger. The fogger would statement next to the opening of an air tube, and a mist would spray into the vent. Dave did a videotape using a transparent, 6″ sphere-shaped pipe, 20 ft long to compare the fogger and SanJet, The fogger would sanitize maybe 2 ft into the vent, to was all. With the SaniJet, we take our pressure pipe and re-enter the vent past cleaning. Once we are back, deep into the vent, we switch to our SaniJet sprayer and spray a mist as we get here back outmoded of the orderliness, completely coating the walls of the vent with even distribution, all-natural sanitizer “Benefect” certified pro spend in hospitals. We produce a comparison Video

Using the SaniJet to disinfect your HVAC orderliness took us a number of spell to perform as we would need to enter down all vent and return. Comet happening with a charge of $35/ vent to disinfect. After a only some weeks, I unfilled a special-deal, partly cost pro a imperfect spell. This offer did crop a bundle of jobs, with apiece solitary, we were getting more and more efficient in the attention. But the a good number amazing item began to go off. I was receiving calls, getting 5-star reviews on how much this helped folks who were anguish from asthma, allergies, sinus, and respiratory problems. The very paramount job we did with the sanitizing suffered from terrible allergies and held to past we not here, he had his puffers in his supply as he was lay out to spasm on the air conditioner. After revolving it on, he was so pleasantly surprised he called me to tell me how wonderful it was to produce his native soil as a sanctuary. From exactly, word of way out from introduce somebody to an area who were so amazingly helped by our service produced so much perform pro us to at present, we impart sanitizing fervor and cooling systems away.

We now next to Comet produce continuously felt we were significantly civilizing the covered air quality in your homes, and this gives us a real goal, but adding up the SaniJet disinfecting orderliness has taken it to a up-to-the-minute level

After cleaning the ducts in hundreds of homes and many advertisement buildings, I genuinely believe all native soil needs to produce the heating systems, or cooling systems cleaned and disinfected to develop the air quality you breathe significantly. Think of pardon? This does to your lungs, and your lungs are the FINAL FILTER.


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