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Air Duct Cleaning and Disinfecting Reviews

I’ve been a General Contractor pro on 30 years, solitary item to became transparent to me through the many renovations I’ve complete is was how muddy air ducts are. For illustration, we would be removing cabinets in a kitchen change, the vent under the sink would be disgusting. It’s pardon? Prompted me to check into the tube cleaning establishment in Billings, MT. We researched to make out pardon? Was outmoded present and open an Oregon company called RamAir. I visited with the possessor and inventor Dave many epoch to urge as much in turn as I may perhaps. I was aware of the obstacle the brush systems had with getting deep into the orderliness with all the 90-degree turns and screws all 3 to 4 feet. Plus the detail so many systems at present are using the flexible ductwork to can be damaged with a brush orderliness. With the RamAir System having the power to urge deep into an air tube with imperfect spell and effort and would not at all wound contract tube, it made it an relaxed advertise pro me, and so we happening Comet.